2023 Annual Convention Registration Aug 10, 2023

2023 Annual Convention Registration

This year’s annual convention will be In-Person ONLY. Registration is open now until October 13.

Important! Individual Registration is Required

All delegates must register individually. Do not rely on your church’s leadership registering for you. You must register yourself.

Registration Deadline is October 13, 2023

Change your mind?

We recognize that we’re pretty far out from our convention date and the situation is constantly changing. So, if your attendance needs change after registering, no problem; just let us know by October 13, 2023, by emailing Emily Davenport at bishopsassistant@diowestmo.org.

Annual Convention 2023 information and resources

Information and resources for our annual convention are available online. Reports, resolutions, and nominations will all be published online. Please visit the Annual Convention Website regularly for updates and further information.

WiFi is available at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral to enable everyone present in-person to access all the relevant documents during the business session.

Hotel accommodation

This year, every individual will be responsible for reserving their own hotel rooms. You can click here to search for hotel locations within the area. Please note that we do not have any special arrangements or discounted rates with any hotels.

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