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The Bishop’s Staff

The Bishop’s staff are pleased to be here to serve the Episcopal Churches of West Missouri. Check out how we can help you — Click on a person for more information.

Church Connect daily drop-in sessions

The Bishop’s staff are available online each weekday between 11 a.m. and noon to answer your questions. Join us online, or call in on (816) 656-8839 Kansas City (Toll), Conference ID: 776 040 58#

Church Connect 11 a.m. – Noon

Leadership Development

The Rev. Dr. William (Bill) Fasel+ (Part-time)
Assistant to the Bishop for Leadership Development


Cell: (816) 803-4010

The Assistant to the Bishop for Leadership Development is responsible for clergy transitions and is the staff liaison for three organizations. The Commission on Ministry (COM), the Board of Examining Chaplains, and Bishop Kemper School for Ministry (BKSM).

Clergy Transitions

For Clergy:

  • Coaching.
  • Discernment.
  • Profile assistance on the OTM Network.

For Congregations:

  • Clergy searches.
  • Interim clergy.
  • Church status & needs assessment.
  • Perform searches via the OTM database and network outlets.

Commission on Ministry (COM)

The Commission on Ministry has four main responsibilities:

  1. Vocational Discernment: This means helping congregations, groups and individuals to discern what kinds of ministry God might be calling them to.
  2. Ordination Process: Congregations and some organized ministries may nominate persons for ordination as either priests or deacons. From that point on, the COM oversees the process and advises the bishop. A detailed description of the ordination process may be found here.
  3. Licensed Ministry: Our diocese grants seven kinds of licenses for lay ministers: Catechist, Eucharistic Minister, Eucharistic Visitor, Evangelist, Preacher, Pastoral Leader, and Worship Leader. Descriptions of the licenses, requirements and application forms are available here.
  4. Continuing Education: COM establishes standards for continuing education for all clergy, mentoring for newly ordained clergy, and orientation for clergy new to the diocese.

Board of Examining Chaplains

The Board of Examining Chaplains is responsible for administering and evaluating the examinations required for ordination.

Bishop Kemper School for Ministry

The Bishop Kemper School for Ministry provides courses of instruction for ordained and lay ministers, plus continuing education and enrichment for everyone. You can find out more about Bishop Kemper School for Ministry here.

Christian Formation

Kim Snodgrass (Part-time)
Assistant to the Bishop for Christian Formation Development


Cell: (417) 793-0780


Christian Formation Home page

Ultimately, Christian formation is how our experience of God forms, inspires and transforms our lives; it trains and allows us to understand and recognize the culture of the Kingdom of heaven – right here and now. We are to be about creating disciples with faith-filled lives. I am here to help you promote the lifelong process of growing in relationship with God, self, others, and all creation because communities of faith offer the ideal opportunities to experience God through liturgy, education, fellowship and outreach. Intentional Christian formation experiences help us understand on a deep level what it means to love God, care for each other, and serve the world. My goals are to:

  • Be an advocate for life-long formation – from nursery through adulthood!
  • Be present to congregations with prayerful encouragement and support.
  • Work to offer engaging resources and tools that help people explore, grow, and deepen the interior life.
  • Provide support to diocesan committees and commissions to identify areas of formational need and determine how the diocesan family can best respond.

Youth Ministry

Josh Trader
Assistant to the Bishop for Youth Ministry Development


Cell: (417) 766-2369




The fabric of faith communities is knit together by all age groups! We make the teaching, wisdom, and ministry of Jesus Christ our cornerstone and believe a relationship with the Triune God is life-giving, experiential and transformational. I am here to help you develop a program that inspires, educates and empowers middle and high school students to pursue living out the Good News set forth by Jesus Christ.

  • For Congregations: I’m available to help train and empower volunteers and youth leaders using our WEMO Youth Ministry Handbook as a guide. I am also available to help plan activities like: regular youth group meetings, lock-ins and retreats. I will help you create a safe place and loving environment for young people to participate, ask tough questions and cultivate healthy and meaningful relationships.
  • For those who work with youth: I’m here to help equip you with the resources to develop a dynamic local ministry. I’m here to support you in developing values, ethical norms, and a sense of Christian community.

I am a phone call or email away, so if you have any questions or just want to talk through what is going on in your ministry, feel free to reach out to me anytime.


Gary Allman
Communications Director


Cell: (417) 522-5151 (preferred)

Office: (816) 471-6161, ext. 107


New Spirit:

I am here to help you promote your church and communicate its message to your members and the world. I provide and manage website hosting and access to administrative services to the churches of the diocese. I share news of what’s going on in the diocese and the general Church, and advice and training on communication methods, best practices, and technologies. Working with the Events Coordinator, Jamillah Duckett, we promote and share information about diocesan and church events.

  • News, Updates, & Events: Twice monthly the New Spirit Update, the diocesan news and events summary is emailed out and published online. We monitor lots of information sources and curate the content so you don’t have to. It has a section dedicated to the needs of church administrators, lay leadership, and clergy.
  • Online help & support: Every weekday from 11 a.m. to noon, Kim Snodgrass and I host online help for churches, and we can call upon any of the staff to join us to answer your questions.
  • Promotion: I monitor social media and promote church content to help your church seen by more people. Please email me if your church has news or events to share, something published in the local press, or if you have a video shown on local TV. I’ll help spread your message. Be sure to tag any social media content you want to share with a wider audience with the #dwmo hashtag – yes, even on Facebook!
  • Daily prayers: Prayers are posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at 8:25 p.m. each evening for you to share on social media.
  • Facebook Group: There is a dedicated private Facebook group for church communicators and administrators.
  • Online Service list: A list of all the online service offerings from the churches of West Missouri.
  • Admin Website: We have a separate diocesan administrative website providing access to a host of administrative and communications resources. We have an image library and links to websites that are a ready source of content for newsletters and bulletins.
  • Episcopal Asset Map. This is the official public ‘Find a Church’ service of The Episcopal Church and The Diocese of West Missouri. The map can also be used in disaster situations to discover local resources that can be deployed.
  • Website hosting: We are providing managed WordPress hosting for any church that needs it, and also hosting church websites on the Digital Faith platform while we transition to WordPress. I’m here to provide advice and training on building and maintaining your church’s website and the use of technology to spread your church’s message.
  • Email & Microsoft Office: I have the budget to help 26 churches move to online-based office administration software with lots of online storage and professional email.
  • Online Event Delivery: We have all the necessary video and audio equipment to broadcast events online from any church with good cell phone reception.
  • Event AV: For multi-church in-person events we can help with large projection screens, video, and a portable PA system.

Got any questions? Give me a call.

Event Coordination

Jamillah Duckett (Part-time)
Events Coordinator 


Office: (816) 471-6161 ext. 108

Cell: (816) 459-0799


Events Home page:

I am happy to be your first call when you need assistance or have questions regarding diocesan meetings and events.  For diocesan-wide events (and some church services), I work closely with our Communications Director to produce the artwork, words, event promotional materials, and email campaigns.  

  • Events. I handle the logistics (registration, venue bookings, hotel room blocks, contract negotiation, organize refreshments and meals, etc.) for diocesan-wide events and other events of interest to a wider diocesan audience. You can contact me regarding the regular events we hold, including, Church Leadership Essentials / Bishop’s Days with Clergy, Wardens, Vestry, and Church Administrators, College of Presbyters, Diocesan Clericus, Diocesan Convention, Diocesan Council Meetings, Summer Church Summit, and more! 
  • Online Meetings.  I assist with setting up meetings via Zoom or Teams.  If you need to schedule an online meeting, please send me the date, start/end time, and title of the event, and I will create the Zoom or Teams meetings for you. For churches that do not have their own online meeting accounts, we can offer the use of our diocesan accounts provided the timing doesn’t conflict with other pre-booked meetings.
  • New Spirit. I am responsible for maintaining and updating the events section, creating separate event pages to promote larger events, produce registration forms, and organize email campaigns. If you have an event that you would like to submit for publication, please contact me via email. 
  • Diocesan Calendar. I maintain the internal and external calendars for the diocese which include: Commission/Committee/Ministry meetings; Bishop Kemper School for Ministry; Deanery Clericus/Council meetings; Diocesan Council; Standing Committee; Diversity and Reconciliation Committee, and other diocesan-wide events. If you have a meeting or event that needs to be added to the calendar, please let me know. 
  • Hotel Block Bookings. If you need help with finding a hotel for a room block booking of 10 guest rooms or more, for a church event or any other type of meeting (locally or worldwide), I can handle the site selection of the hotel and contract negotiations for you.  Send an email with the event dates, number of guestrooms needed on each day, event title, desired location(s), and budget for the room rate. I will handle the initial search for you, and we’ll go from there. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll work to find the answer for you. 

Bishop’s Executive Assistant

Emily Davenport
Bishop’s Executive Assistant


Office: (816) 471-6161 ext. 103

I’m at your service! My primary responsibility is maintaining an open conduit between the diocese and the bishop. Please contact me if you’d like to arrange meetings or speak with the bishop; I’m just a phone call or an email away.

  • Visitation forms. I use the information you provide on these forms to arrange the Bishop’s weekday and Sunday visitations. These forms are also a part of the Bishop’s official record (similar to your weekly service register) to the General Church.
  • Governance Rosters/Slates. The roster information is part of the Diocesan records, plus the form you submit helps us know who to contact and how, especially when the Bishop is looking for leadership to fill roles across the diocese. The slate information is used for voting purposes at Convention and for the deans to contact delegates with information and invitations to Deanery Council meetings.
  • Lay Licensing. Preacher/Catechist, Eucharistic Visitor/Minister, Pastoral/Worship Leader
  • Annual Reminders. I Look for annual reminders from me regarding license renewal. I track these licenses for churches and the Commission on Ministry.
  • Membership information. Like the rosters/slates, keeping member information up to date allows the diocese to communicate effectively.
  • Discernment for Holy Orders. I receive, document, and file records for the Commission on Ministry on nominees, postulants, and candidates for ordination.

Human Resources

Elaine Gilligan (Part-time)
Human Resource Administrator and Finance Assistant


Office: (816) 471-6161 ext. 105

Cell: (816) 547-9091


HR Documents:

As a part-time employee, I strive to be available every day to be of the best service to you. Email or mobile phone is the best way to reach me.

Human Resource Administration

For your convenience, the Diocese website (search Human Resources) contains information to guide you in the onboarding of volunteers and employees; Medical and Dental plans/pricing; Minimum Clergy Compensation; Mutual Ministry Review; and much more.

I am your contact person for:

  • Employee Changes
  • Compensation Changes
  • Background Checks
  • Safeguarding Online
  • Pension and 403B Enrollment
  • Benefits-Medical, Dental, Disability, Life
  • Property and Casualty Insurance
  • Episcopal Payroll Services

Finance Assistant

I assist the Finance Administrator and primarily responsible for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

Finance Administration

Ron Weil
Finance Administrator


Office: (816) 471-6161 ext. 104

I have been with The Diocese of West Missouri since 2014. I come from an accounting background and enjoy working with Treasurers and other church leaders in stewardship of our diocese. Please feel free to contact me with any questions in the following areas:

  • Parochial Reports.
  • Expense Policy questions.
  • Church Audits.
  • Payroll questions.
  • Bookkeeping questions.
  • Finance best practices.
  • Questions with Excel, Quickbooks and ACS.

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