Clergy and Lay Professional Continuing Education Policy Jun 24, 2021

Clergy and Lay Professional Continuing Education Policy

Active clergy and Lay Professionals are eligible to receive matching diocesan funds for their continuing education each year, up to $350. This amount must be matched by the applicant’s congregation or employing institution, as well as the applicant himself or herself.

Application for matching funds must be submitted well in advance of the event for which a cleric is applying. No funds will be distributed after the fact. Programs for which one is applying are vetted by the Continuing Education Committee chairperson; not all programs are approved. Reports of completed continuing education need to include an evaluation of the program attended, as indicated on the reporting form; this enables the chair to know which programs to approve in the future. Several different programs may be put together to make up one’s eight hours of continuing education, but only one application for matching funds will be approved each calendar year. Diocesan and certain programming requirements, such as EFM mentor training or diocesan diversity training, may not be used to fulfill the annual continuing education requirement.

Each year the continuing education committee sponsors an “in-house” continuing education event, at the cost of $200 per person, at Conception Abbey. Diocesan continuing education funds are not available for this event, but parish funds may be used.

Questions regarding the diocesan continuing education program should be directed to the chair of the continuing education committee. Occasional exceptions to the diocesan requirements for clergy and lay professional education are made, at the discretion of the bishop in consultation with the chair. The continuing education committee is currently engaged in conversations regarding the possibility of offering other in-house events, targeting deacons and others with jobs which prevent their attendance at weekday events, and other efforts to promote continuing education in the diocese. We believe that continuing education for clergy and lay professionals benefits all who are involved, clergy and parishes, and can represent an exciting adventure for all concerned.

Application forms are available on the Clergy Career Development Page, and on the For Churches, Documents page.


  • 06-24-2021 – Online version created from the original pdf. Minor typos corrected, and links updated. Original PDF withdrawn from circulation.
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