Report — The Order of the Daughters of the King Oct 12, 2022

Report — The Order of the Daughters of the King

Cheryl Webb-Laughlin, President

What are the highlights of your ministry since the 2021 Diocesan Convention?

  • We held our first post-covid in person Fall Assembly at St. Mary Magdalene in Belton.  It was well attended and very appreciated by daughters across the diocese.
  • Held our in-person Spring Assembly at Trinity Episcopal in Lebanon and provided a “Ride Share” opportunity for 14 daughters from the K.C. Metro area to attend.  Attendance was increased as some of our members don’t or can’t make the long drives any longer.
  • Sent a donation to the KC Refugees organization in support of their ministry to incoming refugees from various countries.
  • Sent a $1000 donation to be divided among our 4 national funds in compliance with our vows as daughters.
  • Made a $500 donation to support our National Triennial meeting in Baltimore, MD in June of 2022.
  • Assisted our diocesan president with some expenses in her attendance and participation at our National Triennial convention in Baltimore, MD.
  • Members attended, via Zoom, the Province VII Spring Assembly held in San Antonio, Tx.
  • Made financial assistance available to daughters in the diocese who needed help with paying their yearly dues.
  • Continued to bring new members into the 13 chapters in our diocese.  Provided support required for their 3 month discernment period.
  • Held our first post-covid diocesan Board Retreat at Trinity Meadows with all but three chapter presidents present.
  • Explored new ideas for continued growth of Daughters of the King within our Diocese.
  • Daughters continued to be faithful in their rule of life by praying daily for their parishes, dioceses and provinces, as well as national and international daughters.

Describe how these activities have furthered the work of the diocese and strengthened the parishes.

  • Daughters of the King provide spiritual formation for the parish through their commitment to prayer, service and evangelism.
  • Daughters are a rich resource to the priests of each parish where a Daughters of the King chapter is located.
  • Daughters often attract new members through their external/internal evangelism and service which strengthens the parish as well as the diocese

What are your plans for ministry for 2023?

  • Continue to seek opportunities for new chapters of Daughters of the King throughout the diocese.
  • Provide relevant and meaningful education that will nurture daughters for the furthering of God’s Kingdom.
  • Listen intently to the needs of daughters in the diocese and take direction from their input.

How will you measure success in 2023?

  • Track (through our national office) new member numbers, which are only reported to the diocesan level once every three years.
  • Within the diocese, track interest in new chapters and applications for membership
  • Follow the involvement of Daughters in reported participation within the life of their respective parishes.  Chapter presidents report this information to the President of the Diocese once a year.
  • Utilize our diocese membership chair to work closely with those chapters who experience issues in dues payment annually.

How does your ministry reflect the priorities of the diocese?

Grow Congregations:

  • The presence of Daughters of the King Chapters within a parish helps stabilize and sustain the parish so the church can grow and ministry can be on-going.

Grow Personally:

  • Daughters grow personally through practicing their Rule of Life:  to pray, to serve and to evangelize in furthering the Kingdom of God.

Grow in Community:

  • The activities of the individual Chapters of Daughters of the King represent the accounting of the work carried out in communities, often hand-in-hand with other community partners.

Grow in Compassion:

  • Daughters recognize the need to aid others, as is seen time and time again, in the work they do throughout the diocese.  Service is one of the rules daughters vow to uphold in becoming a member of the order.
  • Daughters wear their crosses daily and hold each other accountable in an effort to show the world who we are and to whom we belong.

Grow Leaders:

  • Through prayer, service to others and evangelism, many daughters have found their role as leaders within their parish, the diocese, the province and even at the national level.
  • We nurture chapter members in leadership so the future of Daughters of the King in the Diocese will be on-going for years to come.
  • Continue to provide a retreat every 2-3 years for the chapter presidents to assist in their growth of Daughters of the King within our diocese.

Chapters of The Order of the Daughters of the King in the Diocese of West Missouri

St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church, Belton, Missouri

Church of the Resurrection, Blue Springs, Missouri

St. George Episcopal Church, Camdenton, Missouri

St. Thomas a’ Becket Episcopal Church, Cassville, Missouri

Grace Episcopal Church, Chillicothe, Missouri

St. Michael Episcopal Church, Independence, Missouri

Trinity Episcopal Church, Independence, Missouri

Church of the Good Shepherd, Kansas City, Missouri

St. Matthew Episcopal Church, Raytown, Missouri

Christ Episcopal Church, Springfield, Missouri

St. James Episcopal Church, Springfield, Missouri

Trinity Episcopal Church, Lebanon, Missouri

St. Peter & All Saints Episcopal Church, Kansas City, Missouri

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