Clergy leave-taking policy published

Please make sure you read this document. It was developed utilizing the wisdom of many dioceses and with the blessings of the Chancellor and the Diocesan Council. main menu updated

The main website menu has been simplified, by removing all the administrative options and some duplicate entries initially added to assist people unfamiliar with website menus.

Clergy Directory Updated

The Clergy Directory page has been reformatted and ‘Goes by’ names added. Contact details now show in the correct order for surviving Spouses. All entries are up to date as of today.

Mentoring Guidelines from the Commission on Ministry published

Coaches, teachers, preceptors, trainers, shepherds, directors, and others, through observing and listening, through example, questions, demonstration, and advice, may offer to others ways of mastering skills within a brief or extended relationship. As we use the term here, mentorship employs such processes to enhance those seeking or practicing licensed or ordained service to God in ministering to God’s people and the world.

IRS mileage rate increase

From July 1, 2022, the IRS mileage rate has been increased to 62.5 cents per mile. Following yesterday’s update to the Expense Reimbursement Form, references across this site to the mileage rate have been updated today. Links to the Accountable Business Expense Policy have also been updated.

New expense reimbursement form issued

The federal mileage rate has been increased to $0.625 per mile for qualifying mileage claims on trips taken after June 30, 2022. A new claim form is available.

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