Convention 2022 Help & Essential Information

If you have any suggestions or questions, please use the Comment section below.

HELPLINE – Opens November 5, 2022 @ 8 a.m.

If you have any questions in the meantime, email

Scroll down for more information on how this year’s convention will work.

Online Delegates’ Technical Support via Zoom chat

Address your questions to Kim Snodgrass via chat.

Phone in with questions Saturday November 5, 8 a.m. Onwards

Kim Snodgrass: (816) 648-0724
Fr. Charles Everson: (816) 648-0613

Convention Check-in

In-person Lay & Clergy Delegates

Check-in for those attending the Annual Convention in person at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral will be open 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. on Friday, November 4, 2022, and 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Saturday, November 5, 2022.

The Check-in desk is located in Founders’ Hall.

Online Lay & Clergy Delegates

There is no need to check-in, your presence will be automatically recorded during the practice voting session at the very beginning of the Business Session.


Alternates are strongly encouraged to watch the convention on the diocesan website or social media. Links here.


Voter-IDs have only been issued to all registered delegates (those with voice and vote). Alternates will be given the necessary credential should they become a delegate.

Taking part in the Annual Convention – The Essentials

The 2022 Annual Convention is being held in person and as an online Zoom meeting.

For all delegates attending in-person

  • The convention check-in will be in Founders’ Hall, and will be available from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday November, 4, and from 7:30 a.m. until 9 a.m. on Saturday, November 5. Upon checking in you’ll receive a name badge which has printed on it the email address you registered for the convention with and your Voter ID.
  • You will need to bring a portable device capable of connecting to the internet (smart phone, iPad, tablet or laptop).
  • To minimize the load on the Cathedral’s Wi-Fi network, we ask that delegates use their data plans (mobile connection) wherever practical. The data usage for voting will be minimal.
  • Because we’ll be voting using our mobile devices, it may be prudent for delegates to bring charging cables/chargers/bricks just in case. We’ll have charging stations in both the nave and Founders’ Hall.
  • If you encounter technical difficulties there will be a team of helpers available in the nave.
  • Only beverages with a lid are allowed into the nave. 
  • If bringing a cup from home, beverage dispensers and a water fountain will be available in Founders’ Hall.

For all delegates attending online

Zoom Meeting

  • To access the Zoom meeting for the convention please use the Zoom link that was sent to you via email.
    or join by phone (not recommended) using this number provided to you in the email.
  • Do check your sound settings before you join the convention meeting. Read more here.
  • If you encounter technical difficulties on the day, please check the Help page first, and use Zoom chat or the provided Help line telephone numbers (above).
  • You will need a computer with a webcam and microphone, and fast internet access, or a suitable smartphone with a data plan able to handle several hours of streaming video.
  • Please install Zoom as soon as possible. To review helpful tips about voting and attending convention online, videos showing the basics are available below.

Get Zoom from here:

Electronic Ballots — Online and In-person

The voting system (VPoll) is very simple.

  • In a browser go to the voting website:
  • Type in your Voter ID
  • Type in the email address you registered for convention with.
  • Select Annual Convention 2022
  • Click / tap on Submit.

And that’s it. when the poll opens the text will appear on the screen.

  • Select your answer(s) and click or tap on Submit.

You can watch the process in the video below.

  • Once you have logged in to the system using your Voter-ID and email address, you shouldn’t need to login again, unless you close your browser.
  • During Convention, the votes will be displayed on the voting system page as they become available for you to vote on them.
  • The voting software will not accept votes after voting on that item is declared closed.
  • Once the vote is closed, the collected votes will be validated and counted.
  • Duplicate and incorrect Voter IDs will be treated as spoiled votes and not counted.

Casting your Vote

Submit your vote by pressing ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the ballot.

If you are attending online, once voting is complete You may return to Zoom.

Detailed information for online delegates only

What you will need:

  • A print-out or note of your Voter ID and the email address you used when you registered.
  • Zoom – preferably installed on your computer
  • Web browser, or separate mobile device with a browser (for ballots)

To take part you must be able to do the following:

In Zoom:

  • Check and update your Zoom version (Link to 20 second training video)
  • Select your preferred language (Click on the Interpretation icon and select English or Spanish – Link to 34 second training video)
  • Set your Zoom Displayed Name to be your full name ( Link to 41 second video training video, covering muting & unmuting, and how to change your name)
  • Zoom view options — set to Speaker View (Link to a one-minute training video, includes Participant List and Chat – below)
  • Open the Participant List (click on the participant icon)
  • Raise your hand (electronically) (Use the Reactions button. Link to a one-minute training video, includes raise hand and simple Zoom Yes/No voting)
  • Vote using the Yes/No vote options (Use the Reactions button)
  • Open and use Chat (Click on the Chat icon)
  • Follow a website link pasted into Chat (Click on the link)
  • Helpful skills. Resize and dock the Zoom Participant and Chat windows.

In a browser:

  • Complete a ballot (online form)
  • Return to an in-progress Zoom meeting from a browser after completing a ballot. We recommend using ctrl tab on a PC or cmd tab on a Mac. to swap between Zoom and your browser.

Please note, there is no audio instruction on the above training videos.

Use of multiple devices online

If you have multiple devices, such as a laptop and a smartphone, you might want to use the laptop for Zoom and the smartphone to check-in and cast your votes in the ballots.

Sharing a computer

If you are sharing a computer with another delegate (or delegates), you will only be able to make a ‘consensus vote’ (cast one vote representing the wishes of all those present) during any of the Zoom Yes/No votes. During Ballots, you will be able to take turns in casting your votes, and each of you will need to enter your own email address and Voter ID.

See the Voting section below for more details.

Online technical assistance

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Please note that our resources available to offer technical assistance on the day of the convention will be limited, so it is important that you check that your connection and computer are working in advance.

Joining Instructions

Joining instructions have already been issued. Can’t find your email? Please check your junk mail folder before contacting us — Thanks!

To minimize the risk of disruption to the proceedings we ask that you do not share the joining instructions.

Convention Protocols

Your Zoom Display Name

Your Zoom Display name must be your full name — (Optional title) Christian name and surname — We will not be recognizing any Zoom participants who do not display their full names (otherwise there will be loads of Cathys, Elizabeths, Joes, Johns, iPads, Davids, etc… and no one will know who is who).

If you are viewing Zoom as part of a group on a single computer, the Zoom name must be that of the church represented.

Microphone and Camera Muting

When you join the Convention both your video camera and microphone will be turned off. Please feel free to turn on your camera. Do not unmute yourself unless invited to do so by the President of the Convention, or any of the various convention officials — you’ll know who we are!

We don’t want to be killjoys, but with around a lot of people taking part online, this is essential to the order and expediency of the day’s proceedings.

Anyone unmuting themselves without first being asked to do so by the President or another official will be muted without warning or explanation. We apologize in advance, but we will not have time to explain why you’ve been muted. We’ll be playing behind the scenes ‘mute the delegate’ whack-a-mole throughout the day.

After you unmute yourself, please address the President and announce your name and church.

Just for fun

From 8 a.m to 8:25 a.m. please feel free to unmute yourself and say hello to anyone who is there. Everyone’s microphones will be muted promptly at 8:25 a.m. when Morning Prayer will begin.

Zoom Chat

Chat should only be used for official convention business.

Chat – ‘to everyone’ should only be used for the following:

  • If requested by the President or one of the officials to further clarify a spoken point.
  • If for some reason your microphone has failed, and you have raised your hand, and the President or another official has asked you to unmute your microphone and speak.

The Convention Support Staff will be using chat to provide links to the Ballot webpage each time there is a call for a vote by ballot.

To raise a motion, point of order, or speak to a resolution

To raise a motion, point of order, or speak to a resolution, you must first raise your hand using the Zoom ‘Raise hand’ function. Those raising their hands will be addressed in the queued order shown in the Zoom Participants list. They will be asked in turn to unmute themselves and speak to the point under discussion.

See the note regarding Submitting Amendments to Resolutions or the Plan for Ministry, below.

Technical difficulties

If you are having difficulties please chat directly with Josh Trader or Kim Snodgrass via Zoom Chat, or call one of the provided helplines (see above).

Submitting Amendments to Resolutions or the Plan for Ministry

Per our practice at prior Conventions, amendments to the Plan for Ministry or to any Resolution before the Convention should be submitted in writing for clarity. At prior Conventions, we have accepted emails sent to the Secretary of Convention or hand-written submissions as equivalents. For this Convention, our preferred method will be an email to the Secretary at However, if you are unable to send an email, Zoom’s “chat” feature can be used to submit the wording of the amendment you wish to propose.

Please note: Submitting the wording of an amendment you wish to move (whether by email or chat) is not the same as making the motion to amend. To move your motion, you must be recognized by the President of the Convention and move your motion from the “virtual” floor of the Convention. Motions to amend the Plan for Ministry or any Resolution will be in order only during the floor debate on that item of business. Use the “raise hand” feature in Zoom’s Participants Window and wait to be recognized. When recognized, move your amendment with reference to the way you submitted it to the Secretary.

Once your amendment has been moved and seconded, we will ensure that the proposed change is shown to members of the Convention prior to any vote on the amendment.

Online delegates voting

To speed up the proceedings we will be using two forms of voting:

  1. Zoom Yes/No Votes
  2. Online ballots — See above.

Zoom Votes

These are the equivalent of the show of hands (Green and Red cards) we use at an in-person convention. These votes are fast, but less accurate.

Do not vote before being invited to do so by the President or another official. Do not change your vote after the President or another official has declared the vote closed.

If the result of a vote is in doubt, or a motion to hold a ballot is raised and approved we will use the more accurate, online ballot.

Visitors and Observers

Nondelegates will be able to watch the proceedings on social media. Spanish interpreters will be providing a Spanish interpreted live feed here:


  • 11-04-2022. Extra steps added to the logging in to the voting software section.
  • 11-02-2022. Temporary Help page replaced with the full help text.

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