Convention 2020

2021 Plan For Ministry

The 2021 Plan for Ministry was approved at the 131st Annual Convention of The Diocese of West Missouri on November 7, 2020.

Diocesan Council and Standing Committee member updates

Following the elections held at the Diocesan Annual Convention on Saturday, November 7, the membership rosters for the Diocesan Council and Standing Committee have been updated.

The 131st Annual Convention is now closed

A summary of the key information and results of this year’s Annual Convention will be published in the New Spirit Update on Thursday, November 12.

2020 Annual Convention Resolutions After Action

C2020 – Courtesy Resolutions – Adopted C2020 – Resolution #1 – Counting Attendance in 2020 – Not Adopted C2020 – Resolution #2 – Response to Public Emergencies – Adopted 11-07-2020 C2020 – Resolution #3 – Standard Rules of Order for Conventions – Adopted 11-07-2020 C2020 – Resolution #4 – Membership of the Standing Committee – Adopted 11-07-2020 in a vote by orders (second reading)

2020 Appointments and Election Results

Diocesan Officers (elected to serve until the next Convention) Chancellor Mr. David PowellSt. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Kansas City Secretary Mr. Curtis HamiltonGrace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City Treasurer Mr. Thomas KokjerSt. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Kansas City Diocesan Council (elected to two-year terms) Ms. Cosette HardwickChrist Episcopal Church, St. Joseph Mr. Spencer J. T. OrrGrace Episcopal Church, Carthage Ms. Amanda PerschallTrinity Episcopal Church, Lebanon Ms. Beverly J RoggenkampChrist Church, Lexington The Rev. Galen SnodgrassEpiscopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Kansas City The Rev. Deacon Brock SlabachSt. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church, Belton (Elected to fulfill a one-year unexpired term) The Rev. Joe PierjokGrace Episcopal Church, Carthage Bishop Field also appoints two lay members to the Diocesan Council.These appointments have not yet been made. Standing Committee (elected to two-year terms) Ms. Shirley BoldenSt. Augustine’s Episcopal Church, Kansas City Ms. Marsha PattersonChrist Episcopal Church, Springfield The Rev. Ted EstesRetired The Rev. Jonathan FrazierSt. Peter and All Saints Episcopal Church, Kansas City Board of Examining Chaplains (elected to three-year terms) Dr. Bill StancilThe Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Kansas City The Rev. Peter DeVeauRetired The Rev. Dr. Sean KimSt. Mary’s, Kansas City and NERM Disciplinary Board (elected to three-year terms) Ms. Clare ShawGrace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City The Rev. Stan RunnelsRetired BKSM Board of Directors (elected to two-year terms) Mr. Grafton CookSt. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Fayette The Rev. Dr. Bill FaselRetired Commission on Ministry (elected to three-year terms) Ms. Kathy AlexanderChrist Episcopal Church, Springfield Ms. Cosette HardwickChrist Episcopal Church, St. Joseph The Rev. John CoilRetired The Rev. Deacon Rebecca SchubertNon-Parochial (appointed to three-year terms) The Rev. Galen SnodgrassEpiscopal Church of the Good Shepherd (elected to fill the remaining two years of an unexpired term) The Rev. Deacon Brock SlabachSt. Mary Magdalene’s Episcopal Church, Belton Associate Chancellor (elected to three-year terms) Mr. Mark GalusGrace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City

Reports received after the deadline

Two additional reports received after the deadline have been added to the Annual Convention Reports Page. Standing Committee Hispanic Ministry

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