Convention 2020

“Bishop’s Slate” published

The Bishop’s Slate – a list of Bishop’s appointments and other officers selected (and elected) to serve on various committees has been published.

Opportunities to Serve Application Form

Serving the Church in diocesan leadership, serving on Boards, Commissions, and Committees with others from across the diocese is another way of sharing your time and talents for the good of the churches of West Missouri.

2021 Plan For Ministry

The 2021 Plan for Ministry was approved at the 131st Annual Convention of The Diocese of West Missouri on November 7, 2020.

2020 Annual Convention Agenda

Convention Check-in Check-in Opens at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday November 7, 2020. Click here to check-in Agenda You can also download the agenda from here.

The 131st Annual Convention is now closed

A summary of the key information and results of this year’s Annual Convention will be published in the New Spirit Update on Thursday, November 12.

2020 Annual Convention Resolutions After Action

C2020 – Courtesy Resolutions – Adopted C2020 – Resolution #1 – Counting Attendance in 2020 – Not Adopted C2020 – Resolution #2 – Response to Public Emergencies – Adopted 11-07-2020 C2020 – Resolution #3 – Standard Rules of Order for Conventions – Adopted 11-07-2020 C2020 – Resolution #4 – Membership of the Standing Committee – Adopted 11-07-2020 in a vote by orders (second reading)

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