Style Guide – minor updates

Adjusted the text regarding the Bishop Provisional. The term nominee is the preferred qualifier. Place holders added for text regarding photo captions, text titles, and headings.

Prayer Cycle updated

The prayer cycle for Pentecost has been updated. Many thanks to the people who pointed out the errors in the previous list.

Possible Data Breach

This afternoon we noticed some unusual account activity on one of the accounts on our bulk emailing service – Constant Contact. As far as we can determine, none of the data on the system has been tampered with. However, we can not rule out that some data may have been copied. 

Style Guide updates

A New section containing the standard diocesan boiler-plate text has been added. Clerical abbreviations text added, and the notes on referring to clergy within text updated.

Bishop Provisional nominee for West Missouri announced

The Standing Committee of The Diocese of West Missouri has announced their selection of a nominee for Bishop Provisional of West Missouri. The formal selection of the candidate will be the subject of the first resolution to be presented and voted upon at this year’s diocesan annual convention, which is scheduled to be held on Saturday, November 6, 2021.

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