2023 Minimum clergy compensation

A breakdown of the 2023 minimum clergy compensation package for The Diocese of West Missouri.

Customary for Deacons

This Customary is written to clarify the role of deacons as ordained ministers in service to the world and to the Church, and to communicate the ways in which deacons will function and be supported in The Diocese of West Missouri.  These customs shall be regarded and observed in this diocese by lay persons, bishops, and presbyters, as well as deacons.  The information herein was created by a team of deacons in the Diocese, with particular input from the Rt. Rev. Diane M. Jardine Bruce, Bishop Provisional, and the Venerable Bruce E. Bower, Archdeacon; as a whole, it is guided by the vision statement of the Association for Episcopal Deacons incorporates ideas from the customaries of several other dioceses.

2022 Stewardship Survey

In an attempt to be supportive as quickly as possible, the Stewardship Commission is currently compiling a list of stewardship resources, including pre-planned stewardship campaigns, legacy giving materials and stewardship theology within the framework of our values as Episcopalians in The Diocese of West Missouri. To best serve the needs, makeup, and context of your church, please complete the supplied online form.

Clergy leave-taking policy

A good beginning depends on a good ending. Your congregation’s ability to call your successor and move forward successfully in ministry with them depends greatly on how well you leave as well as on your ability to let go. Your character and integrity are demonstrated in how you leave a position.

Background Check Request Form

Please read the descriptions below to assure you are using the correct form, as there are three different versions. This Word form is to be used if you are entering the ordination process (nominee/postulant) or are a clergy person who is new to our diocese. This Word form is to be used if you are applying for a Lay Eucharistic Visitor license. This Word form is to be used if you are a Lay Employee or Volunteer. Updates 08-12-2022 (3) Background Check Forms posted. 02-02-2022. 2022 Background Check Form posted.

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