Site Updates

Software update

New features in the latest release of WordPress have allowed us to retire a commercial (paid for) software plugin. As a consequence, all the announcements carrousels and update lists have been updated. All Annual Convention nominee and resolution pages have been updated. The Diocesan Council and Standing Committee pages have been updated.

These changes have not affected the content of those pages, but you may notice some slight changes in the visual presentation of the content.

New Page — Church Stewardship Resources

Even when the annual giving program works well, churches might consider changing it up about every three years so everyone participating experiences God’s call in a new and engaging way.

This new page provides resources to consider as you contemplate your annual giving program.

Marriage and Remarriage section of the Diocesan Policies updated

Following the submission of an incorrect form, we discovered that searches performed on the main diocesan website were going to an out-of-date page. In fixing the issue we reorganized the previously combined Marriages and Remarriages section into two separate sections. The Policy was converted from a PDF to a web page, and the forms have been relocated so that they can be viewed online without leaving this site.

Links to download the forms have been included.

Documents Page updated

After a couple of months of testing the Documents Page has been reverted back to its former long scrolling format glory.

With the more compact layout, it wasn’t possible to provide links direct to sub-sections. After considering solutions for a while, and looking at other options, We’ve reverted the page back to the previous layout. To help you get to the right section we’ve added a table of contents.

Lay & Clergy Continuing Education, and Online Form Updates

We’ve just updated the continuing education information, and updated several inter-related forms (and a few others) to standardize how forms are delivered going forward.

The main menu has been changed.

The following pages have been changed:

The following Pages have been added (replaces a previously downloadable document):

New online forms added:

The following pre-existing forms have been moved, please let us know if you find any broken links on this site —

Church Admin Documents page re-formatted

Screen-grab of the new documents section showing the tabs.

The Church Admin Documents page has been reformatted to hopefully make it easier to navigate around and find the document you are looking for. The page now uses a set of tabs to display the various categories of documents that we hold.

Please contact at if you spot any problems, or if the way we’ve grouped the documents doesn’t seem logical. Do keep an eye out for any broken links and let us know. Thanks!

Known Errors

  • The layout on a mobile device is a bit flakey, we’ll be taking a look at what can be done to improve it.

Site Main Menu updated

The site main menu was getting too long to display on one line even on wide monitors, so we’ve looked at another way of organizing the information:

  • Opportunities to Serve – How people can become involved in the management of the churches of West Missouri by serving on committees and by participating in lay ministry.
  • For Churches – All the essential administrative information and documents churches need.
  • For Clergy – Items specifically for clergy.
  • Governance – The work of our conventions and committees.
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