2022 Bishop’s Slate Oct 26, 2022

2022 Bishop’s Slate

Commission on Ministry


  • Ms. Meredith Seaton (St. Paul’s, Kansas City) — Appointed
  • Mr. Raja Reed (St. Mary’s, Kansas City) — Appointed


  • The Rev. Kary Mann (Trinity, Independence) — Elected
  • The Rev. Joe Pierjok (Grace, Carthage) — Elected
  • The Rev. Rita Kendagor (St. Andrew’s, Kansas City) — Appointed
  • The Rev. Tim Coppinger (St. Paul’s, Lee’s Summit) — Elected

Bishop Kemper School for Ministry

  • The Rev. Charles Everson (St. Mary’s, Kansas City)
  • Mrs. Carmen Kynard-Krasick (St. Augustine’s, Kansas City)

Board of Examining Chaplins

  • The Rev. John Coil (Non-Parochial)
  • Dr. Linda Robertson (St. John’s, Springfield)

Disciplinary Board

  • The Rev. Jonathan Frazier (St. Peter & All Saints, Kansas City)
  • The Rev. Steven King (St. Paul’s, Kansas City)
  • Ms. Anne Gardner (Calvary, Sedalia)


  • 10-27-2022. Title amended to ‘Bishop’s Slate’ to reflect that not all positions are appointed by the bishop, and that the positions are ratified by the annual convention.
  • 10-26-2022. Initial posting.
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