Application for Judgement of Marital Status and Permission to Solemnize a Marriage

Instructions for Completing an Application for Judgment of Marital Status and/or Permission to Solemnize a Marriage.

The form provided below need only be used when a person or persons contact a Member of the Clergy to inquire about their marital status or about re-marriage in the Church. This form is designed to work in tandem with the Policy & Procedure for the Solemnization of Marriages

Part 1 of this form is an Application for Judgement of Marital Status. Part 2 is an Application for Permission to Solemnize a Marriage. Canonically, these are two separate actions, but for convenience, the form below deals with both actions in one form.

Part 1 is to be filled out by the person(s) seeking a judgment of marital status, which judgment is required by and covered in Canon 1.19 of the Church’s general canons. A member of the clergy should assist the applicant in filling out Part 1. Only a person previously married need submit Part 1, but if both parties to a proposed marriage have previously been married, then each must separately submit Part 1.

In Section A of Part 1, the applicant is to provide background information about former marriage(s). One Section A should be filled out for each previous marriage.

In Section B of Part 1, the applicant is to provide facts about the end of previous marriages. One Section B should be filled out for each previous marriage.

Part 2 of this form is the Member of the Clergy’s request for Permission to Solemnize a Marriage. Again, this form is only used when someone seeking to be married in the Church has been previously married.



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Policy Regarding Remarriage Following Divorce

Marriages of persons after divorce in which the former spouse(s) is still living are permitted only for couples in which at least one member is a communicant in good standing of the congregation where the wedding is to take place.

  • When one or both intended partners have been divorced once, the following must be observed:
  • All provisions of Canons I.18 and I.19 must be satisfied.
  • The priest intending to officiate at the marriage will have personally examined the divorce decree(s) of the previous marriage(s).
  • The date of the proposed marriage shall be not less than 183 days after the date of the final, relevant divorce decree.

If there has been more than one divorce from a previous marriage of either intended partner and any of the former spouse(s) is still living, the aforementioned procedure conditions apply, and in addition:

 The priest who intends to officiate at the marriage is required to send:

  • a completed Application for a Judgment of Marital Status request to the Bishop, and In addition to this form and
  • a letter stating why they believe that the proposed marriage will be a lifelong union.

The bishop will review these documents and notify the priest whether permission is granted to him/her to officiate at the proposed marriage.

Under any circumstances, when a priest officiates at the marriage of a person previously divorced, he/she will submit to the bishop the completed form for the Report of a Marriage After Divorce within 10 days of the marriage.

All requests for exceptions to the above must be submitted in writing to the Bishop and reviewed at least sixty days before the proposed wedding.


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