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Clergy Directory Updated

The Clergy Directory has been updated. All entries are up to date as of 11-11-2022.

Clergy: please remember to keep us informed of any any changes to your details.

Note: You need a password to access the Clergy directory.

Annual Convention website update

The following items have been added to the website:



  • 10-21-2022. Added 2020 Audit report to list of added information.

Registration for the 2022 Annual Convention is closed

We are very sorry, but unfortunately, we do not have the resources to accept and process late registrations.

For further assistance please contact Rachael Orth, Diocesan Events Coordinator.


Direct: (816) 683-9177

Office: (816) 471-6161 ext. 111


Events Home page:


  • 10-20-2022. Additional text detailing the registration dates and notifications removed. Contact details added.
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