Clergy leave-taking policy published Aug 18, 2022

Clergy leave-taking policy published

Part of my work with you all here in the diocese is to address areas of ambiguity and to bring clarity to expectations for our common life together. One of the issues I noted early in my tenure as your Bishop Provisional is the fact that the welcoming of new clergy into the diocese was not clearly defined nor was the ending of a pastoral relationship for clergy who are leaving or retiring.

I asked the Rev. Deacon Beck Shubert to work with her team on the educational/welcoming piece, which they have. We will be introducing that along with the revamping of the vocations process soon. The leave-taking piece is now outlined below as a new diocesan policy, passed by the Diocesan Council, on clergy leave-taking from congregations.

Please make sure you read this document. It was developed utilizing the wisdom of many dioceses and with the blessings of the Chancellor and the Diocesan Council.


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