Ms Alexandra Connors Jan 12, 1924

Ms Alexandra Connors

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Elected to the Standing Committee in 2021. 2nd two-year term.
General Convention Deputy to GC81. Elected in 2022.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Kansas City (Northwest-Metro Deanery).

Involvement at a Church level:

  • Education for Ministry (EfM) student.
  • Choir Member (current at St. Paul’s and prior at GHTC).
  • Eucharistic Minister (current).
  • Lector (current).
  • Acolyte (prior).
  • Vestry member (current at St. Paul’s and prior terms at GHTC).
  • Stewardship Committee Member (current).
  • Young Adult Ministry events coordination (current at St. Paul’s at prior at GHTC).
  • Community Outreach volunteer (current).
  • Cathedral Youth Minister (prior).
  • Congregational Instagram/Social Media content creator (prior).
  • Member of Cathedral committees and task forces (prior).
  • Advisor for Cathedral building projects (Diocesan Close renovation).

 Involvement at a Deanery Council/Diocesan level:

  • Standing Committee Member.
  • Deanery Secretary (Northwest Metro).
  • Regular volunteer for Regional youth ministry.
  • Interim Regional Youth Ministry Coordinator (2018).

 Involvement at a Provincial/General Church level:

  • Regular attendee of Episcopal Church training and conferences such as FORMA.
  • West Missouri Deputy to the 80th General Convention of the Episcopal Church.
  • Member of the Dispatch of Business committee for the 80th General Convention of the Episcopal Church.
  • West Missouri representative to the Provincial Youth Network (2003-2007).
  • General Convention Official Youth Presence representative for Province VII (2006).

 Additional comments

Serving the Diocese and our wider Church across the many roles listed above has been an honor. I am excited about the ongoing work of the Church and West Missouri’s place in that work. I am deeply passionate about our Diocese; the people that make it up, each individual congregation, and all of its vibrant ministries. I will be thankful for the opportunity to attend the General Convention of the Episcopal Church as a Deputy from West Missouri if elected.


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  • 11-09-2021. Updated to reflect successful election.
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