Ms Alexandra Connors Jan 12, 1924

Ms Alexandra Connors

Elected to the Standing Committee in 2019. 1st two-year term.
Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City (Northwest-Metro Deanery).

Involvement at a Church level:

  • Cathedral Youth Minister (present).
  • Eucharistic Minister, Lector, and Acolyte (present).
  • Instagram/Social Media content creator (present).
  • Social Outreach volunteer (present).
  • Member of Cathedral committees and task forces (prior and present).
  • Vestry member (two previous terms ending in 2015).
  • Advisor for Cathedral building projects (Diocesan Close, 2014).
  • Choir Member (prior).

 Involvement at a Deanery Council/Diocesan level:

  • DEANERY: Deanery Secretary (present). Regular volunteer for Regional youth ministry (present). Interim Regional Youth Ministry Coordinator (2018).
  • DIOCESAN: Delegate to Diocesan Convention (prior and preset). Regular adult volunteer at Diocesan Youth Ministry events (present). Regular attendee at Diocesan continuing education (Bishop’s Day, training, etc.). Diocesan Council Member (prior).

 Involvement at a Provincial/General Church level:

  • Regular attendee of Episcopal Church training and conferences such as FORMA (present).
  • West Missouri representative to the Provincial Youth Network (2003-2007).
  • General Convention Official Youth Presence representative for Province VII (2006).

 Additional comments

I am passionate about the future of our Diocese and our common life together. As our Diocese faces transition, I am prepared and excited to contribute to the future of our Church.

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