Ms. Shirley Bolden Feb 12, 1925

Ms. Shirley Bolden

President of the Standing Committee. Exofficio Diocesan Council. Elected to Standing Committee in 2020. 3rd two-year term.
St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church, Kansas City (Northwest-Metro Deanery)

Involvement at a Church level

  • A life long member of St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church
  • Currently Senior Warden

I am serving and/or have served on the following committees:

  • Treasurer from 1990 until 2007
  • Vestry member 1998-2003
  • Past President of St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church Women
  • Chair of the Deacon Williams’ Food Pantry
  • Altar Guild and Choir Member (currently)
  • Eucharistic Minister and Visitor, Lay
  • Chaplain- through the Community of Hope
  • Currently Senior Warden
  • Treasurer 1990 to 2007
  • Coffee Hour Committee

 Involvement at a Deanery Council/Diocesan level:

  • The Diocese of West Missouri – Diocesan Council and Vice-Chair (2006)
  • Past President of The Diocese of West Missouri Episcopal Church Women
  • Secretary and Chair the Continuing Education Scholarship’s Fund
  • Standing Committee 2007-2011 and 2016-2020 (Vice Chair)
  • Co-Chair, Diversity and Reconciliation Commission.  
  • Past, Companion Diocese Commission.

Involvement at a Provincial/General Church level:

  • Province VII -President of The Episcopal Church Women 2005-2008,
  • Province VII Church Periodical Club Representative 2012-2016,
  • Delegate to the Triennial 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2018. 

Additional comments

I feel that Racial and Cultural Differences are seen as Assets. A level of welcoming and acceptance is what we should be aiming for in all of our parishes. This means a concerted effort at eradicating the social sin of any racial bias and truly accepting diverse peoples in our congregations.


  • 11-22-2021. Updated to add role as President.
  • 10-29-2020. Updated with latest supplied information for nomination to Standing Committee
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