Solemnization of Marriages Policy & Procedure Jul 29, 2021

Solemnization of Marriages Policy & Procedure

Policy Replacement: This policy negates and replaces all previously promulgated diocesan policies on the solemnization of marriages.

Section I. announces policy and procedures for all marriages, for the marriages of different-sex couples and for the regularization of the solemnization of the marriages of same-sex couples.

Section II. of this policy applies to those who, having been previously married, desire to re-marry in this Church. Please note: those previously married must seek a Judgment of Marital Status, and the Member of the Clergy must consult with and obtain the Bishop’s consent in all cases, regardless of the number of previous marriages.

Section III. deals with the liturgies (both Book of Common Prayer and for trial use) authorized for use in this Church as a result of actions of the 78thGeneral Convention.



  • 29-07-2021. Conversion to webpage with reformat of the introduction. Update PDF document of Sections I, II, & III, to agree with the final documents published by The Episcopal Church.
  • 05-25-2016. Original text
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