Ms. Regina Berens Jan 21, 1925

Ms. Regina Berens

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Elected to Diocesan Council in 2021. 2nd two-year term.
St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church, Belton. (Central Deanery).

Involvement at a Church level: 

My involvement at church level began soon after I was received into the Episcopal Church in 1992. I have served on vestries, created and maintained my church web sites, been a Lay Reader, Eucharistic Minister and Usher over almost 30 years and 3 churches. I am currently Vestry Warden at St. Mary Magdalene, serve on the Finance Committee, maintain the church Web site, am an usher and lay reader, and occasionally preach a Sunday sermon.

Involvement at a Deanery Council/Diocesan level: 

I have been a Diocesan Convention delegate many times both in West Missouri and in a prior Diocese and have been on three Discernment Committees, two at the parish level and one at the Diocesan level. I joined Diocesan Council to fill an unexpired vacated term a year ago and would be honored to continue serving.

Involvement at a Provincial/General Church level:

  • I am a member of the Fund-Raising Task for for the Bishop Kemper School for Ministry.

Additional Comments

I am a retired property-casualty actuary and am very comfortable with financial statements and decision-making. This past March I completed course work for the Lay Preaching track at Bishop Kemper School for Ministry. I have been impressed with how well the Diocesan Council works together to resolve differences and address issues. We have much work to do with our Bishop Provisional before we are ready to elect our Next Bishop and I hope to be part of the process.


  • 11-09-2021. Updated to reflect successful election.
  • 10-11-2021. Existing profile text updated with the latest submission.
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