Site-wide Announcements

Prayer Cycle Updated

The Prayer Cycle on the main diocesan website has been updated through to the end of the liturgical year.

Clerical Directory Updated

The Clerical Directory has been updated to reflect all the recent changes. The password to access the directory has not changed. Clergy Directory Page

Clergy Pages Added

All the clergy pages on the main diocesan website have now been moved to is site, and the links updated. The passwords to access the directory and community pages have not changed. Career Development Clerical Directory Community Overview of the ordination process.

Church Support Page Added

Find out how the Bishop’s staff can help you and your church with your mission and ministries.

Lay Licenses Expire March 1

The licenses for Lay Preacher and Lay Catechist are up for renewal in 2021. Current licenses will expire as of March 1, 2021. While parish leaders and the licensees have been notified via email, we wanted to remind everyone as the deadline is coming up.

2021 Rosters due March 1

Please obtain the information needed to complete your Vestry or Bishop’s Committee forms by Monday, March 1, 2021.

Convention Help & Essential Information Page Updated

We have taken all the things we’ve learned in delivering over seven hours of online training to people in preparation for the November 7 Annual Convention and distilled it into one page on this site.

Work in Progress

We are currently building and adding content to this website, so please expect and forgive the unexpected!

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